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Planning for the end of Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP has become the most widely used and installed desktop operating system, with over 60% of U.S. businesses running Windows XP as of 2013. Since introducing Windows XP in 2002, Microsoft has provided free software updates that add … Continue reading

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Disaster Planning

Disaster planning involves identifying the failure points in an entire system and then addressing those issue using fault tolerance, backup and response planning. The success of a disaster plan is determined by how quickly and effectively the system can be restored. … Continue reading

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Learn to recognize a virus

The most powerful and effective anti-virus protection isn’t software you can buy. Instead, its a computer users ability to carefully read a web-site and e-mail message to delete fake messages. Consider that a well trained user that carefully checks e-mail … Continue reading

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Electronic Waste Recycling Results

We have been offering free electronic recycling services in co-operation with Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery, an authorized waste collection firm that collects our electronic waste material. As an authorized disposal site, we report to the New York State Department … Continue reading

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Java by Oracle: Avoiding Virus Exploits

Java software is widely used to help display web pages and add features to web-sites. Java software is provided free, and integrates into Microsoft Internet Explorer and other web browsers, where it helps to display all of the features in … Continue reading

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A few things you should never do on a computer

1. Never click on any link or web-site that says “Find out who unfriended you on Facebook.” All offers to find out who unfriended you on FaceBook are fake. Clicking them will install advertising or fake anti-virus software. Also, there … Continue reading

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Removing fake System Protection software

If your computer has been take over with the fake System Protection software, there is a simple process for removing this program. 1. Shutdown and restart the computer 2. Press F8 repeatedly before Windows starts loading; choose Safe mode for … Continue reading

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How to avoid fake Facebook e-mail mis-direction

Watch out for a fake e-mail sent from Facebook with the message “Hi, here’s some activity you have missed on Facebook” and a link to 1 Friend request. Before clicking on any of the links in this message, check the … Continue reading

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Finding the best cell phone deal

We recently performed research and evaluation of cellular voice/data services, and discovered a new option that exists in the cellphone market. Cell phone service has been traditionally provided by only the big four — AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. All … Continue reading

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Comparing Laptop Warranty Service

We frequently get asked which laptop is the best to buy, and people are usually surprised when we say Dell is the first choice. We consider these criteria when selecting a laptop: performance, material quality, repairability and warranty. Most laptops … Continue reading

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