Laptop and UPS Batteries

We special order Li-Ion laptop batteries, and can provide original or higher capacity compatible batteries for any laptop.

We stock replacement sealed lead acid (“SLA”) batteries for all brands of uninterruptible power supplies (“UPS”) and we provide free return recycling. We stock both 6-volt and 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries in all of the standard sizes, including 7-amp/hour, 12-amp/hour and 18-amp/hour capacities. We sell only top quality new batteries with a manufacturer warranty. Most UPS batteries will require replacement after three years of usage. Older batteries will have a reduced run-time.

sealed lead acid UPS batteries

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries for UPS

    In addition to replacing UPS SLA batteries, we also offer the following battery services:

  • battery voltage and load testing.
  • UPS data signalling cables and monitoring software.
  • EPA-certified battery recycling and disposal.
  • new and refurbished UPS units with new batteries.
  • on-site system load testing using a portable plug-in wattage meter to determine the correct UPS size.
  • UPS units for desktops, servers, 19″ rack and phone systems.

All UPS’s have lead batteries that cannot be disposed in regular trash. They must be returned to an authorized collection facility for recycling. We provide recycling services at our office.

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