Routine Maintenance

Once a computer is purchased, there are a number of routine maintenance activities that should be performed. Our technicians can provide all of the following maintenance services:

  • CPU and power supply fans should have the accumulated dust removed annually using compressed air. We use a 2-hp compressor and clean computers outside the office to avoid dust contamination inside your office. Our compressor method is cleaner and more effective than small cans of air or vacuums.
  • CPU fans should be checked annually and replaced when they become noisy, indicating the bearings are worn. CPU fans slow down as they age and their cooling effectiveness is reduced. Most CPU fans can be replaced for $20 or less.
  • Motherboards should be visually inspected annually for bulging and leaking capacitors. Capacitor failure is the prime cause of motherboard failure. Failure symptoms include lockups, freezing, restarting, Windows “blue screen of death”, Windows stop code errors and other Windows errors.
  • Hard drive “SMART” statistics should be checked quarterly and completely tested annually to detect any errors. Hard drives should be replaced when they develop errors or exceed 40,000 power-on hours.
  • SSD storage should be evaluated for the amount of data written.
  • Anti-virus software should be upgraded annually to maintain protection.
  • Backup tapes should be eliminated and replaced with USB or internal hard drives.
  • RAM memory should be tested annually to identify and replace failing memory. While memory failure is increasingly rare, we use extremely effective tools to correctly diagnose and determine when bad RAM is the cause of lockups, re-boots, crashes and errors. Typically, 1 out of 20 new memory modules will fail testing.
  • Since there are a constantly changing array of Internet malware programs that are being unleashed on users, new software tools to identify and remove spy-ware are continually being created. Through our maintenance service, we install and update the spyware tools necessary to remove pop-ups, browser hijacks and spyware.
  • We can develop a road-map for your system, listing all of the known problems, limitations and goals that need to be resolved. Placing a cost next to each project and prioritizing those projects helps with budgeting.