LiteSpeed caching available

The server running our website  hosting  now runs LiteSpeed Enterprise with LSCache enabled.  The LiteSpeed Cache Manager  appears as a plug-in and menu option on the WordPress administration page.

Premium WordPress Hosting

  • LSCache for WordPress uses advanced cache-management tools and optimization features to create an unmatched user experience.
  • Server-level full page cache gives LSCache accuracy and intelligence that other application-level plugins cannot duplicate.
  • Crawler pre-caches your / your clients’ sites so they load quickly on the first visit.
  • LSCache provides premium optimization features for faster page loading and improved scores on page speed measurement sites like PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix.
  • Ecommerce sites are fully cacheable under LSCache, including shopping carts and other personalized content.

LiteSpeed with LSCache will ensure the absolute FASTEST speeds possible!

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