Frequently Asked Questions

Someone else is offering to sell me hardware and set it up for free; why should I use your services?

You’ll get exactly what you pay for. Whenever companies are selling items with service included, they are motivated to provide the least amount of service. When buying our services, we are motivated to make every hour productive for you. This allows you to choose how much service to buy, minimizing your cost and maximizing your value. We always quote our services separately from our hardware to give our clients the opportunity to choose how detailed they want their service.

Why do I need a high speed Internet connection? Isn’t dial-up sufficient?

Dial-up connections are no longer useful for the Internet, and with the reduction in price of both cable modem and DSL service, they are nearly the same price as using a dial-up plus the cost of a phone and usage. A high speed connection can be shared by everyone, and provides instant access without waiting for a dial-tone or getting a busy signal. Many e-mail programs will work much better when a high speed connection is present, and a high speed connection is vital for downloading software updates.

Why does my business need regularly scheduled computer maintenance?

Computer software has evolved in complexity, so that software companies are constantly fixing bugs and issuing software updates. Typically, these updates are available at no charge but must be downloaded from the Internet. As part of our system maintenance, we track down software updates and apply them, which helps to resolve problems and sometimes add new features. Our maintenance services also perform a wide variety of other checks, tests and updates, all intended to prevent problems.

Why upgrade Windows?

  • We feel strongly that no one should use Windows 95/98/ME; those systems should be upgraded or eliminated entirely.
  • Windows XP is a stable, reliable and widely compatible operating system that runs well with 1gb RAM.
  • Windows Vista has fewer repair and troubleshooting features than XP, and requires 2gb or more RAM to run well.
  • Windows 7 requires less RAM than Windows Vista and runs very well with 2gb or more RAM.
  • How will a server help my business run more efficiently?

    A server is simply the name assigned to a computer with a shared hard drive. Any computer can be designated a server, but what makes a server valuable is when all users agree to store all of their data files on the server. With data saved in a single location, a single full backup can protect everyone’s data, rather than making each user backup their own data. Sharing data becomes easier, since users don’t have to e-mail files to each other or get confused by managing multiple copies of files on different computers. Our Systems Engineers can provide the services to setup a server, re-organize files, and explain all of the benefits of using a server.

    What is the difference between OEM and retail software?

    OEM stands for Original Equipment Maker. OEM software usually consists of a CD-ROM and license sticker, whereas retail software will also include a box with some packaging and documentation. OEM software cannot be sold in retail stores, and is required to be sold with hardware, such as a complete computer system. At Jon Rosen Systems, Inc., we have the privilege of providing our customers with OEM versions of many popular software programs. With OEM software, we can offer the same software at a much lower price.

    How do I prevent employees from accessing porn sites, downloading music, checking personal e-mail and sending instant messages?

    A router with content filtering features will check and prevent certain web-sites from being accessed. Another method is to configure Internet Explorer to prevent displaying certain web-sites. Whichever method is chosen, it will likely interfere with web-sites that people need to use and will not prevent accessing all of the web-sites that are banned. Instead, we recommend using a company policy for employees that states the difference between authorized and unauthorized use of the Internet.

    Do I need Internet Security Software installed on my computer?

    Only if your computer is connected to a DSL or Cable Modem and you are not using a router. A router provides complete isolation from your Internet connection. We do not recommend using Norton Internet Security or BlackICE Defender software with a router, since it will end up blocking access to the Internet and interfere with many web-sites.
    My computer is running slowly; how can I get it to go faster?
    Add more RAM memory. There is a noticeable difference between using 512mb and 1gb RAM on Windows XP systems, and a large difference between 1gb and 2gb on Vista/Windows 7. For Windows 95/98/ME systems, there is no benefit from using more than 64mb of RAM because of software limitations. Since there are many different types of RAM memory, our technicians can quickly and accurately determine which type a computer requires. We sell memory upgrades for every desktop, server and laptop.
  • If your computer has slowed noticeably, it may be suffering from a malicious Internet worm/trojan/virus software program that is using up the performance. Our technicians are trained to detect and remove every kind of software virus, using both anti-virus software and special detection programs.
  • Installing a faster CPU will increase performance without requiring any software changes. Most computers support a range of processor speeds and can be upgraded to a higher speed by simply replacing the processor chip. We stock processor upgrades for every type of system.
  • Errors on a  failing hard drive will also cause delays. We can diagnose, repair and replace hard drives.
  • My computer locks-up/freezes/re-boots/crashes frequently. How can I make it more reliable?

  • Upgrade to Windows XP, Vista or 7. There is nothing that can be done to eliminate lockups and freezes from Windows 95, 98 and ME.
  • If you have a Windows XP system that exhibits the problems listed above, it is most likely having a hardware problem. Our technicians use the manufacturers diagnostics tools to accurately identify failing or unreliable components and can replace them.
  • Have the motherboard visually inspected for bulging and leaking capacitors.
  • Check CPU and power supply fans; stuck and failed fans cause overheating and errors.
  • Check and test the SMART status on hard drives to determine if the drive is developing errors.
  • When does my laser printer need a RAM memory upgrade?

    Laser printers rely on their internal memory to store the contents of a page before printing. Since pages are made up of millons of dots, if there are bigger graphics or fonts on a page, more printer RAM memory is required to store the dots being sent over by the computer. When a laser printer does not have enough memory, it will produce an error message and cut-off the graphics on the page or print the remainder of a page on a second sheet of paper. Adding RAM will not make a printer print any faster, since print speed is determined by the mechanical parts of the printer and the internal graphics processor chip speed.