Company news and history

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June 2023: Another move inside the same building: moving from suite 205 to 213 provides additional workspace and storage for computer parts.

May 2020: We have relocated our office upstairs to Suite 205 in the same building and location we have been at for the past six years, 1325 Millersport Hwy. Our new office features a separate stock room for inventory and parts. Other upgrades include a faster Internet connection and upgraded server for our clients using ConnectWise remote control.

March 2020: While the effects of COVID-19 have caused many businesses to close or change operation, we remain open for business. We are continuing to provide on-site service, and our office is open daily for drop-off computer repair and pickup.

January 2020: We are seeing a big push from companies that are moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We offer a full range of parts and services to help complete Windows 10 upgrades, including RAM memory upgrades and SSD drive replacements for existing computers. We have had success upgrading computers from as far back as 2010 with 4gb RAM upgrades and 120gb solid state drives running Windows 10.

December 2019: This year marked a record number of projects completed, with 511 on-site service projects completed for 51 different national vendors. We continued to provide local service and computer repair in our office.

January 2019: Microsoft is making plans to discontinue support and updates for Windows 7, the popular operating system that became the preferred replacement for Windows XP. Fortunately, there is an easy upgrade path directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10 that allows all files and programs to be retained without change. We can provide Windows 10 upgrade software and services, along with RAM and SSD upgrades to provide improved performance for Windows 10.

June 2018: We have completed our 1,000th project for, a web-site that links national service providers with local technicians. We are now completing over 300 on-site computer service projects per year.

January 2017: We completed over 300 computer service projects in 2017 for 30 different national technology service providers that needed local computer service work.

January 2016: We have seen a significant decline in the use of desktop and laptop computers. The shift away from desktops is also reducing the use of laptop computers, with more users opting for cell phone and tablet usage. While we will continue to provide service and support for desktop and laptops, we are no longer maintaining a dedicated full-time technician in our office for desktop service and support.  Computers can still be delivered to our office at any time for repair, they will be repaired based on the availability of a technician.

January 2015: We began working with national technology service providers via WorkMarket to provide local on-site computer service and support.

June 2014: We have moved into new offices at 1325 Millersport Hwy. Our new office is located inside the Brassel building, allowing our clients to drop-off computers at our door inside the building.  The new office has over 75 linear feet of counter-space available for desktop and laptop repairs.

February 2014: After evaluating many different remote control programs, we are pleased to have chosen ConnectWise (formerly known as ScreenConnect) as our replacement for LogMeIn. ScreenConnect offers a pricing model better suited to our usage while allowing us the flexibility to install and support an unlimited number of remote clients. Users that wish to access any computers in our ScreenConnect group can purchase their own remote access license for $300 per user (first year cost.)

January 2014: We have been investigating alternatives to LogMeIn, since they continue to revise and increase the pricing for their popular product. When we first starting using LogMeIn, it was completely free. Now with over 1500 computers in our LogMeIn account, the fee for usage could approach $10,000 per year.

December 2013: With only 4 months until the expiration of support from Microsoft for Windows XP, we are providing replacement computers and software upgrades from Windows XP to Windows Vista/7.

June 2013: Our base desktop computer configuration now offers the choice of a 500gb hard drive or 60gb solid state drive (SSD) at the same price.

January 2013: We have watched as LogMeIn usage has grown exponentially, with over 1,500 computers signed up and more computers added every day. Many people find remote control software the solution to working from home, since it provides better performance, higher security and more convenience than VPN access.

April 2012: A new service venture, Sports Event Timing, is started as a result of a project involving the integration of CrossMgr software with J-Chip RFID hardware. We became extensively involved in the development and testing of new features in CrossMgr, and accepted invitations from cycling events in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton to bring the success of CrossMgr and J-Chip to their events.

November 2011: We are offering an innovative new service to exchange used and dirty keyboards with clean keyboards for $10.

October 2011: We are now providing computers on loan at no charge to everyone that brings in a computer for repair. We have both laptop and desktop computers with either Windows XP Home or Ubuntu Desktop Linux installed and ready to use.

September 2011: We have been learning and evaluating Ubuntu Desktop Linux 11.04 for the past year, and we are now ready to provide installation and support.

March 2011: As we approach the 22nd anniversary of the company, we have installed LogMeIn remote control software on over 1500 client computers in the past four years. We have provided more than 30,000 hours of service to 1200 businesses and individuals.

February 2011: Our existing 7-year old osCommerce catalog web-site has been replaced with an entirely new site based on open source WordPress software.

January 2011: We have been selected by Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery, Inc. as a designated drop-off location for electronics recycling. Anyone with electronic items, including CRT monitors, can leave them in our giant blue-box for EPA-certified disposal at no charge.

September 2009: After 15 years of maintaining an office at 4446 Main Street, we moved to new, larger and more easily accessible offices at 3498 Sheridan Drive in Amherst. The new offices feature improved visibility and parking, allowing customers to park directly at our office and walk straight through one door for easy delivery and pickup.

March 2007: After extensively evaluating many different remote control programs, we have chosen LogMeIn as our preferred remote control support software for all clients. LogMeIn provides fast, simple and secure remote control, allowing us to service computers anywhere in the world that the Internet reaches.

January 2006: We have been selected by the Catholic Independant Physicians Association (CIPA) to participate in a developing an implementation plan for Nextgen EMR software for physicians. We will be assessing the existing computers at medical offices and providing cost estimates for the upgrades required to run Nextgen.

December 2005: We have upgraded our web hosting system and we are using a new datacenter service for all web sites. We are leasing server hosting from, one of the largest computer hosting providers with over 100,000 servers in four cities.

November 2005: All four of our phone lines have been converted from traditional analog to new Voice over IP (VoIP) from Vonage. Voice messages are now sent to us as attachments in e-mail, allowing us to route your voice message directly to the right person. We also have extensive call logging and caller ID to quickly identify every incoming caller.

October 2005: We have been selected by Catholic Health System to provide on-site configuration and support for the MagicWeb physician radiology imaging system. MagicWeb is part of a 10-year, $100 million dollar project with Siemens Medical, and our staff is proud to be involved with CHS and Siemens to help make this project successful.

April 2005: We have begun a seven week Microsoft MCP/MCSE 2003 training program for all of our staff with New Horizons Training.

February 2005: We have been making increasing efforts at reducing our energy use and recycling more of the waste that we produce in our office. We now send all of our plastic, paper and cardboard to be recycled. We also configure every computer to turn off the monitor and hard drive when idle, and we enable hibernation support on desktop computers. We recommend that only servers be left running continuously, while desktops should be shutdown nightly using hibernation.

January 2005: Our new systems now feature the newest in storage technology, Serial ATA hard drives. These drives provide higher performance through the use of a 150 megabyte per second (mbps) serial ATA cable, compared to previous IDE hard drives that were limited to 66/100/133 mbps. We use Western Digital hard drives exclusively, since they feature a 3-year manufacturer warranty. All serial ATA hard drives include an 8mb on-board cache to provide maximum performance, compared to the lower performance 2mb cache found on ordinary hard drives. When used with an MSI motherboard that has serial ATA RAID, we can configure two drives to provide RAID 1 fault-tolerance through mirroring.

December 2004: We are pleased to announce that the firm is a recipient of a $56,000 training grant from the New York State Department of Labor. The grant money will be used for training classes and certifications for the staff to become Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers on 2003 products, along with A+ and Network+ certifications from CompTIA.

May 2004: Jonathan M. Rosen has been invited to join the Information Technology advisory board of Bryant & Stratton college. He has been responsible for managing the internship program for the company, and has trained over 20 interns since 1995.

March 2004: We now offer web site design services and have hired our first WebMaster.

February 2004: Our new web-site is now active, with over 100 product and service pages created in osCommerce open source catalog software.

May 2002: We now offer web hosting services with e-mail. Our web strategy is to provide a single price package with every available feature included at no extra charge. All web sites and e-mail are stored at a professional data center, while our own staff of technicians provides local support to our clients.

September 2002: We moved into larger 900 sq. ft. offices in the rear of the same building on Main Street in Amherst.

1996: T1 and DSL service become widely available for Internet access, with Adelphia Communications providing very high speed cable modem service. We begin installing Linksys routers for customers accessing the Internet for the first time.

September 1995: Microsoft releases Windows 95. We began converting 486 and Pentium stations from DOS to Windows 95, but with almost no available programs for Windows 95, its initially used as a menu system with icon shortcuts for DOS programs. Even though WordPerfect had released WordPerfect for Windows in November of 1992, the program quickly developed a reputation for software problems and was abandoned in favor of Microsoft Word for Windows.

January 1993: Novell releases Netware 386 version 4.0 with the new NDS directory service feature designed to support multiple servers.  NDS and other features are released prematurely in advance of Microsoft’s upcoming NT server 4, which was expected to have multi-server support through the proprietary Active Directory.  While NDS followed design standards, the implementation was full of software bugs that prevented it from working reliably. NetWare 4.x ended up becoming the death knell for Novell, with users abandoning the product and switching to Microsoft NT server 4.0 for its simplicity. Microsoft Active Directory was not released until February 2000 with Windows 2000 server.

September 1992: We have moved from our 350 sq. ft. offices on Harlem & Saratoga to larger 650 sq. ft. offices at Main and Harlem.

August 1991: We began using OfficeLogic software for e-mail, scheduling and phone messages in our office between staff. Four years before the Internet or AOL were known, our entire staff was sending e-mails to each other. We eliminated the use of printed memos through e-mails, and eliminated the use of paper planners and date books through the effective use of electronic scheduling. We also avoided using paper phone messages through the use of electronic phone messages.

April 1990: After one year of business we moved into 300 sq. ft. offices at Harlem and Saratoga Road in Amherst and hired the first two employees. Our new office allows us to begin providing off-site computer repair for clients with computers that need to be serviced more extensively.

January 1990: Building on a foundation of over 100 clients with PCAnywhere remote control, we have extended our remote control service to every desktop station on a network using LAN-assist remote control software for DOS workstations, and Novell RConsole for NetWare 386 servers.

December 1989: In addition to on-site service, we have been providing remote control service using dial-up modems and PCAnywhere remote control software.

November 1989: WordPerfect releases version 5.1 for DOS of their word processing software.  Without any competing product from Microsoft, WordPerfect is widely adopted by law firms and businesses as the standard for word processing. We analyzed the features of WordPerfect and developed a set of configuration procedures that allowed a single copy of WordPerfect to run from a Novell server, allowing networked stations to standardize on using the same software and rapidly expand with new stations.

September 1989: Novell releases Netware 386 3.0, which increases the performance and capability of servers to support more users. Business takes off as companies adopt NetWare 386 as the best choice for server software.  After mastering NetWare 286, we crafted our own installation and configuration procedures for NetWare 386, delivering reliable and high performance servers to over a hundred clients.

April 1989: After only one month in business, 30 businesses and individuals have established a service relationship with the new firm.

March 1989:Jonathan M. Rosen incorporates a new business to provide on-site computer service and names it “Jon Rosen Systems, Inc.” The business begins by performing on-site projects to setup Novell networks, comprised of Novell NetWare 286 2.x servers and desktop computers running DOS.