2024 Timing Events

The following scheduled events for 2024 have requested timing:

April 27th: Coal Country Roubaix in Lisbon, OH

May 19th: Red Eagle Gravel Grinder, Geneva OH.

July 13: North Winds Gravel Classic, Rodman (Watertown) NY.

July 15-18: Pan-Am Masters Games, Cleveland OH.

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2023 Timing Events

Red Eagle Gravel Grinder to benefit the Steven G. foundation: Sunday May 21st in Geneva, OH.

Roughneck Roubaix in Titusville, PA on Saturday May 27th.

GoBike Buffalo SkyRace on Sunday July 16th

42nd annual Concord Criterium: Concord, New Hampshire, Saturday August 12th.

Cleveland Metroparks Whiskey Island Paddlefest: Saturday August 19th.

Cleveland Metroparks Bedford XC mountain bike race, Saturday September 9th.

Cleveland Metroparks Ledges to Lakes, Hinckley, OH: Saturday September 16th

Nevada Senior Games, Las Vegas/Arrolime, Nevada: October 7th and 8th

Todd Field CX, Willoughby, OH: Saturday, October 14th.

Heck of the North CX edition V, Joy Machines Bike Shop Team: Osborne Park, Mentor, Ohio: Saturday October 30th.

Delmont CX,  Delmont, PA: Saturday November 11th.

Kirtland CX, Cleveland Ohio: Saturday November 18th.

South Park CX, Pittsburgh, PA: Sunday November 19th.




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Web site hosting news

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing hosting and domain name registration to our clients. During that time, we’ve had few occasions where we needed to contact a technician at the hosting data center to solve a problem.  We’ve also had a few times where a hosting server failed and required replacement and restore.  While those failures were infrequent, the resulting restores were completed the same day and brought all e-mail and site hosting back.

However, on Thursday July 21st we had a much different experience. After 24 hours, the site hosting and e-mail had not been restored, with the data center reporting problems with restoring some accounts.  As the days progressed, we saw few sites restored and substantial delays of up to 8 hours for the technicians to respond.  This outage was unprecedented and incredibly disruptive.  After days of waiting for the restore and repair to complete, we finally resolved problems with our domain name, allowing e-mail to resume.

In the aftermath of this failure, the data hosting center will be moving all accounts to an entire new server system on August 18th, 2022.  The new hardware platform has multiple redundancies built into it, including storage and backup replication and multiple levels of backups. This new platform includes a 100% uptime guarantee and will effectively end downtime or outages. Here are some of the highlights of the new platform:

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • RAID Based NVMe SSD Replication (Main Storage)
  • Daily Account Backup via JetBackup (Primary Backup)
  • Weekly Account Backup via JetBackup (Secondary Backup)
  • 5 Daily Server Restore Points from the previous 5 days (Tertiary Backup)

Visit this page to see a live view of the server rack at the HiVelocity data center in Dallas, TX.

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2022 Electronic Recycling Events

While we can accept laptop and desktop computers for erasure and disposal at our office, we cannot dispose of larger items or CRT (“tube”) TV’s.  However, Sunnking Electronics offers scheduled events where they will accept any electronics including TV’s.  Registration is requested and while the event is free, they accept donations to offset the cost of disposal.

Visit www.SunnKing.com/events to register online.

May 14th, 2022, 8:30am to 12pm: AppleTree Business Park, Cheektowaga, New York.

July 23rd, 2022, 8:30am to 12pm: Eastern Hills Mall, Williamsville, New York.

September 17th, 2022: 8:30am to 12pm: Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, New York.

November 12, 2022: 8:30am to 12pm: WNY DDSO


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2022 Timing Events

The following events were confirmed and completed in 2022: eight cyclocross races, four road races, two time trials, one mountain bike race and one canoe race.

Womens Woodstock Grand Prix: Sunday, May 1st, 2022.

Red Eagle Gravel Grinder to benefit the Steve G. Cancer Foundation: May 15th, 2022.

Whiskey Island Paddlefest, Wendy Park, OH: Saturday, August 13, 2022.

Bedford cross-country (XC) mountain bike (MTB) race, Bedford, OH: Saturday September 10th, 2022.

Fern Hollow CX, Pittsburgh, PA: Sunday September 18th.

Ledges to Lake Adventure Race, Hinckley Reservation, OH: Saturday September 24th, 2022.

Nevada Senior Games, Las Vegas, Nevada: Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd.

Delmont CX, Delmont, PA: Saturday October 15th.

Heck of the North CX, Osborne Park, OH: Saturday October 29th.

South Park CX, Pittsburgh, PA: Sunday October 30th.

Raccoon CX, Aliquippa, PA: Sunday November 6th.

Kirtland CX, Cleveland, OH: Saturday November 12th.

Pinehall CX at Eisler Farms, Butler, PA: Sunday November 20th.

JAG CX at Alameda Park, Butler, PA: Saturday November 2th.




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2021 Timing Equipment Upgrades

There were more equipment and software upgrades in 2021:

  • Impinj R700 4-port reader with higher read rates and improved sensitivity.
  • new Alien 9964 “G-tag” RFID with next generation Higgs-9 chips mounted on CR100 cards.
  • new, smaller linear antenna, optimized for use with linear tags on bikes.
  • new 32″ LCD for displaying live results with 2k (1920×1024) resolution, replacing the Viewsonic 1k.
  • second laptop and 15″ high contrast monitor dedicated to display lap count.

Over 30 updates were issued and tested during 2021, bringing CrossMgr, CrossMgrVideo and CrossMgrImpinj from 3.0.60 to 3.0.94.

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2021 Event Timing Schedule

We are pleased to see the return of events for 2021 and ready to provide on-site timing again. Results for all races can be found at: www.Results.CrossMgr.com

  • Cleveland Metroparks Paddlefest at Whiskey Island, Saturday July 17th. Cancelled due to heavy rain.
  • KB Moto Hare Scramble, Sunday July 25th.
  • Cleveland Metroparks Bedford Reservation Mountain Bike Race, Saturday September 11th.
  • KB Moto Hare Scramble, Sunday September 19th.
  • Colorado High School mountain bike league, Eagle, CO. September 25th and 26th.
  • Nevada Senior Games in Las Vegas, Saturday and Sunday October 2nd and 3rd.
  • Down by the River CX, Willoughby, OH: October 16th.
  • Heck of the North III, Cleveland, OH: Saturday, October 30th.
  • Raccoon CX, Aliquippa, PA: Sunday November 7th.
  • South Park CX, Pittsburgh: Sunday, November 21st.
  • JAG Double CX, Butler, PA: Saturday November 27th and Sunday November 28th.
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2019 Year in Review

2019 was a record year for on-site technology projects, with 511 projects completed in Buffalo, Rochester, and Erie, PA.

Some of the 51 different national vendors we provided service for included: Acuative, Ammacore, Atlanta Network Systems, Concert Technologies, Core Technology Solutions, High Wire Networks, InGenius Solutions, KeyMe, Nationwide Fixture Installations, Level 10, Navco, Netcom USA, Netview, NSCglobal, OSBT, Park Place Technologies, Presidio, Randstad Technologies, Single Digits, Source Support and Trextel.

In addition to on-site computer service, we continue to provide web-site hosting with email and domain name registration. Computer repairs and upgrades were performed in our office at 1325 Millersport throughout the year.

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2019 Timing Equipment Upgrades

We’re continually evaluating and upgrading our timing equipment to reach the ultimate goal of 100% reads with 100% inliers (3 or more reads from each chip passing.)

Logitech C9000 camera
  • June 2019: Our inventory of ChipCards have been upgraded to the larger CR100 (99x67mm) card. Larger ChipCards provide greater visibility than the CR80 (86x54mm) ChipCards. The larger cards allow the use of longer RFID chips, including the Alien ALN-9740 and Smartrac DogBone.
  • July 2019: We now have a high efficiency 1000-watt inverter, suitable for running the laptop and two LCD monitors all day from a car battery. This inverter eliminates the need for a noisy generator.
  • August 2019: New Logitech C9000 camera provides 1600×1200 (2mp) resolution using a wide angle glass lens for sharper images.
  • September 2019: In addition to the Impinj H47 tags that use the Impinj Monza 4 RFID chip and True3D dual dipole antenna, we also have more sensitive Alien ALN-9740 tags using the higher performance Alien Higgs4 chip.
  • October 2019: In addition to the 6dbi circular patch and 14dbi Yagi antenna, we have added a 8.5dbi linear antenna. The linear antenna provides the widest field of view, optimizing the use of quadratic regression by picking up more reads at the edges of the field of view. When combined with other antennas, CrossMgrImpinj can optimize between antenna selection, choosing the antenna with the most chip reads.
  • November 2019: The reliable Impinj R220 reader has been replaced with a higher performance Impinj R420 reader using the latest 6.2.1 firmware. While the R220 can perform up to 500 chip reads per second, the R420 offers additional chip reader modes that can read up to 1500 chips per second.
  • October 2020: Impinj has released firmware version 7.3 for the R420 readers and we’ve updated all of our R420 readers to gain the latest features and fixes.
Impinj R420 RFID reader.


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2020 Event Timing

The following events requested timing by Jon Rosen Systems for their 2020 event. However, with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions on March 15, most events have been cancelled or postponed for 2020. We remain ready and available for any events that wish to hold their events in 2020 and need timing. 

  • McKeesport Criterium on Saturday May 9th; rescheduled.
  • KBMoto 12-hour race on Sunday, June 7th; rescheduled.
  • Buhl Criterium on Saturday June 13th; cancelled.
  • Brew32 road race on Sunday June 14th; cancelled.
  • KBmoto Sprint Enduro on Sunday, June 28th; cancelled.
  • Cleveland Metroparks Paddlefest on Saturday July 18th; cancelled.
  • Cleveland Metroparks cross country mountain bike race on Saturday September 12th; cancelled.
  • Wyoming Senior Games time trial and road race, August; cancelled.
  • Nevada Senior Games time trial and road race on October 3rd and 4th; cancelled.
  • Vermilion XC invitational on Sat October 3rd.
  • Curt Brown CX in Bethel Park (Pittsburgh, PA) on October 25th.


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