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We provide installation and support for Linux software, with a focus on Ubuntu desktop Linux. Ubuntu is free operating system software that can be downloaded from Ubuntu.com and installed from a CD-ROM disc. Ubuntu runs fast on any PC laptop or desktop hardware and includes many useful programs, including FireFox web browser and Open Office, similar to Microsoft Office.

Unlike Windows, Ubuntu is highly virus resistant and doesn’t require anti-virus software. Ubuntu Linux is an excellent choice for older PC’s that run too slowly using Windows XP. Ubuntu is the fastest and simplest way to run FireFox and Google Chrome web browsers. On a Pentium 1600mhz computer with 512mb RAM, it takes 11 seconds after power-on to start FireFox and begin viewing web pages. The same computer using Windows XP can take 2-5 minutes before displaying a web page.

Ubuntu desktop Linux offers three different installation options:

1. Install as the only operating system, erasing the entire hard drive and using all available space. This provides the best performance but eliminates support for any Windows programs.

2. Install as a second operating system, where Ubuntu will re-size the Windows partition to provide space for its installation. Upon startup, a menu provides the option to either start Windows or Ubuntu. Ubuntu requires 5gb or more disk space for installation.

3. Ubuntu can also run as a Windows application, allowing instant switching between Windows and Ubuntu. However, Ubuntu runs more slowly in this configuration, and requires more RAM. This configuration is suitable for newer, faster computers.

Ubuntu Desktop Linux is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The 64-bit version provides improved performance and allows using more than 4gb RAM.

Ubuntu gets its unusual name from the South African Zulu/Xhosa word meaning “humanity towards others.”

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