2019 Timing Equipment Upgrades

We’re continually evaluating and upgrading our timing equipment to reach the ultimate goal of 100% reads with 100% inliers (3 or more reads from each chip passing.)

Logitech C9000 camera
  • June 2019: Our inventory of ChipCards have been upgraded to the larger CR100 (99x67mm) card. Larger ChipCards provide greater visibility than the CR80 (86x54mm) ChipCards. The larger cards allow the use of longer RFID chips, including the Alien ALN-9740 and Smartrac DogBone.
  • July 2019: We now have a high efficiency 1000-watt inverter, suitable for running the laptop and two LCD monitors all day from a car battery. This inverter eliminates the need for a noisy generator.
  • August 2019: New Logitech C9000 camera provides 1600×1200 (2mp) resolution using a wide angle glass lens for sharper images.
  • September 2019: In addition to the Impinj H47 tags that use the Impinj Monza 4 RFID chip and True3D dual dipole antenna, we also have more sensitive Alien ALN-9740 tags using the higher performance Alien Higgs4 chip.
  • October 2019: In addition to the 6dbi circular patch and 14dbi Yagi antenna, we have added a 8.5dbi linear antenna. The linear antenna provides the widest field of view, optimizing the use of quadratic regression by picking up more reads at the edges of the field of view. When combined with other antennas, CrossMgrImpinj can optimize between antenna selection, choosing the antenna with the most chip reads.
  • November 2019: The reliable Impinj R220 reader has been replaced with a higher performance Impinj R420 reader using the latest 6.2.1 firmware. While the R220 can perform up to 500 chip reads per second, the R420 offers additional chip reader modes that can read up to 1500 chips per second.
  • October 2020: Impinj has released firmware version 7.3 for the R420 readers and we’ve updated all of our R420 readers to gain the latest features and fixes.
Impinj R420 RFID reader.


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