Remote control

Using the free ScreenConnect remote control software we provide, we can service any computer connected to the Internet anywhere in the world. ScreenConnect is secure and fast, and does not require any router configuration changes.

Once our free ScreenConnect remote control software is installed, we can also authorize additional users for remote access, allowing business users to work from home. To install our free remote control software on your computer, start by installing free remote software from and then send us the 10-digit code.

Using remote control, we can both diagnose and repair computers. We have the following remote control capabilities:

  • when wake on LAN features are enabled in the BIOS, we can remotely power-on a computer that is powered off.
  • using diagnostic software, we can check the hard drive SMART status to identify problems.
  • update and run anti-virus software.
  • install additional removal tools for malware, spyware and web browser hijacks.
  • install or upgrade any application software.
  • install Windows updates.
  • add and remove users from a computer or network server.
  • troubleshoot and configure e-mail client and server software.
  • check and maintain server software, including backups, anti-virus and Windows updates.

We encourage clients to contact us to review their questions and problems so that we can attempt to use remote control support before scheduling an on-site visit. Since our remote control software lets you continue to use your screen and monitor, we can co-operatively work to see both technical and procedural problems as they happen, and then adjust and test changes to your system.

Our remote control software can be used as part of a scheduled routine maintenance program, where our technicians can perform a checklist of software maintenance activities on a laptop, desktop or server. ScreenConnect is secure, uses very little RAM and does not slow a computer down. We recommend leaving it enabled and online at all times to ensure we can provide support upon request.

If you are looking for low cost remote control access to your own computers, consider free software from We can provide user licenses to ScreenConnect starting at $300 for the first year and $60 for successive years. Each user license allows a remote user to sign-in and access any computers on their list of authorized computers that have the ScreenConnect client installed.


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