Data Recovery

We provide expert data recovery services, with extensive capabilities to diagnose and assess hard drives. Our data recovery follows a structured approach to prevent data loss.

Our data recovery is not limited to any one system; we can assess and repair any IDE, SCSI, SATA or USB hard drive in any type of system or software, including: Mac, PC, Linux, TiVo, industrial control, USB case, DVR video surveillance and many others.

We can repair and recover data from bent and broken USB flash drives, and recover lost files on USB flash drives.

Our data recovery experience has been accumulated over twenty years, during which time we have tested more than 10,000 hard drives. We have recovered and repaired data from thousands of hard drives and replaced thousands of hard drives, successfully cloning all files to new replacement drives.

    Common problems and symptoms of hard drive failure and data loss that we can fix:

  • Startup error: no boot device available, no drive detected.
  • Missing operating system.
  • Disk read error, error writing to hard drive.
  • Delays on startup or operating, where the hard drive light stays on for long periods.
  • Deleted files, folders and partitions.
  • SMART warning messages and SMART error messages.
  • Windows STOP 7B errors
  • Windows Blue Screen of Death
    We use the following approach to diagnosing and recovering hard drives:

  • First, we check the SMART (self monitoring and repair technology) status on the hard drive; this indicates the history of errors on the drive.
  • Next, we perform a read test across the entire drive, checking all sectors and recovering data from unreadable sectors using our special data recovery software.
  • Last, we check and repair the file system to make all files usable again.

After the data is recovered, we re-test and assess the original hard drive to determine if its re-usable or requires replacement. Since hard drives can tolerate a small number of errors, not all hard drives require replacement. If a drive does have excessive or severe errors, we can clone all files to a new replacement hard drive. The replacement hard drives we provide are usually larger and higher performance than the original hard drive.

For drives that fail to power on or do not show up as a recognized device, we can perform external printed circuit board (PCB) replacement. We stock PCB boards for many different hard drives.

For drives that have completely failed and are unreadable, we have a partnership with OnTrack Data Recovery, a nationally known data recovery firm. They will provide a non-refundable assessment for $100, and then provide a total recovery cost with a list of recoverable files. The final recovery can be $1000 or more, depending upon the failure complexity and drive size.

If you suspect your hard drive is failing and requires an expert evaluation, contact us to get your hard drive tested and repaired. If your hard drive has already stopped working, bring it to our office for evaluation and repair.

3 Responses to Data Recovery

  1. Steve says:

    Wow! Great! Almost instantaneously analyzed a hard drive I thought was a goner… Not only did were they able to pull the data off, they got me a new drive… Because they found out the old one was still under warranty!! Thanks a million!!

  2. Richard Ziolo says:

    My flash drive, with years of work, became corrupted. I was told by “experts” that it would take weeks or more, to recover some of the the data-no guarantee. Mr. Rosen recovered all the data and repaired the flash drive-all within days. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

  3. Brian Ferguson says:

    Jon had me up and running in no time when my hard drive crapped out in the middle of the day- nice to find someone who knows what they are doing, and does what he says he will. The price was right, too. Thanks Jon.

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