Computer Disposal

Through a partner arrangement with Buffalo Computer Recycling, we provide complete disposal services for all computers, monitors, printers and many other household and business electronic items. There is no charge to drop-off any items at our office for disposal. We do not accept any items with pressurized refrigerant gas still inside, including dehumidifiers, refrigerators or air conditioning units.

As of 2016, we no longer accept CRT displays for disposal. Instead, they can be brought to a recycling event sponsored by Erie County. Visit the county web-site for details on the next scheduled event.

In addition, we have the appropriate tools to provide high security data erasure of hard drives to ensure complete privacy and HIPAA compliance. Our secure erase method writes zeroes to every sector of the entire hard drive, preventing any possible method of data recovery. Don’t risk injury by drilling or hammering a hard drive. Physically damaging a hard drive does not remove or erase the data.

We provide free erasure for the first personal computer hard drive; business computers and additional hard drives are $10 each.

We accept the following NYS covered electronic equipment at no charge: computers, laptops, LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers, fax machines, scanners, copiers, printers, VCR players, DVD players, cable boxes, video games, cell phones, cash registers, microwave ovens, typewriters, plastic scrap and metal scrap.

We regret that we cannot accept any items with pressurized refrigerant still inside them, including refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air conditioning units.  We recommend contacting an authorized HVAC contractor that can safely evacuate the refrigerant gas before recycling the device.

We accept the following types of batteries: Alkaline in all sizes, including: AA,AAA,C and D, Ni-Cad, NiMh, Li-Ion, Lithium coin and all types of lead-acid and SLA batteries.

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