Business Network Services

We provide complete support for business networks, including routers and servers.

For servers, we offer a full range of life-cycle services, including: sales of new server hardware and software, configuration, testing, maintenance, on-site setup, integration, upgrades and maintenance. We have sold and serviced every version of Microsoft Windows server software, including: NT server 4.51, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server and Windows 2008 Server.

We have developed unique capabilities to diagnose and repair Windows servers, and we offer specialized services to solve the most difficult server problems. In particular, we have created our own unique process for cloning and upgrading servers with dynamic disks, for which Microsoft offers no practical solution aside from backup and restore.

Our disk cloning capabilities enable us to easily upgrade server hard drives without replacing an entire server. Replacing hard drives can increase both speed and capacity while saving thousands of dollars.

We have extensive experience and practical knowledge of Microsoft Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, IP addressing and domain names.

We are also authorized resellers for the most frequently needed programs on all networks, including: backup software from Novastor, anti-virus software from AVG and network faxing from SnappyFax.

If you have an existing Windows 2000/2003/2008 server, contact us to find out more about our comprehensive services and arrange an evaluation of your server.

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