Warranty service

We provide expert warranty service on any manufacturers items, whether or not we originally sold them. Our service saves you the time of diagnosing and replacing failed parts when they are under warranty. Simply bring us your Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, IBM, Lenovo or any other brand computer. Our technicians will work directly with the manufacturer to identify the failing part and get it replaced under warranty.

Using our services eliminates the extensive time required on the phone to perform troubleshooting, and ensures that the correct part gets replaced. When the manufacturer requires return of the computer for repair, we perform a full hard drive backup before returning the computer, and a full restore if the computer is returned without the original files.

You’ll pay only our flat rate fee for diagnostics and repair services. We can also provide low cost packing and shipping for parts or computers that need to be returned for replacement. We maintain a stock of boxes and anti-static packaging designed specifically for computers, and we charge the lower commercial rate for shipping.

Our technicians expertise and the sophisticated diagnostics we use reduce the time it takes to find failed parts, and ensures the co-operation of the manufacturer when requesting a replacement part under warranty.

For laptops, please bring the power cord and charger. To avoid damaging the laptop, always disconnect the charger tip from the laptop before carrying it.

For desktop and tower computers, only the tower is needed; no keyboard, mouse, monitor or cables are needed. All PC power cords are standard, so leave your cables at home.