Tips for Getting Help

    Here are a list of useful tips to follow when asking for help with a computer problem:

  • Always have a telephone or cell phone next to the computer. Speaker phones are not helpful unless they are very high quality.
  • Be precise and informative about your problem.
  • Be prepared to duplicate the steps that cause a problem.
  • Volumes of information are not as useful as a concise, precise description.
  • Describe the problem symptoms rather than providing your guesses of the solution.
  • Describe the goal you want rather than the steps you are taking.
  • Write down error codes or error messages. We rely on these to troubleshoot many problems.

 Below are a list of common terms for describing computers:

  • The computer box is called the system unit, tower, desktop or computer case. The hard drive is a small device inside the computer that stores the information.
  • Memory typically refers to RAM (random access memory) and is measured in megabytes. RAM is high speed electronic memory used to run software programs while the computer is on.
  • Storage typically refers to the hard drive, which is measured in gigabytes. Software programs and data are stored on the hard drive, and remain safe even when the power is off or the computer is moved.