Site map

The site map provides a linked list of pages with a summary of each page.

Home provides an introduction and summary about Jon Rosen Systems, Inc., a computer service firm with offices in Amherst, New York.

About the staff describes the experience of the founder and owner of Jon Rosen Systems, Inc. and the current employees of the firm.

Experience and accomplishments lists our cumulative output in all areas of computer sales and service.

Recent projects Lists projects we have recently completed.

Frequently Asked Questions lists the most common technical questions about computers that we answer.

Internships provides details on the internship program we have with Bryant and Stratton.

Payment terms describes our service rates, billing practices and payment policies.

Company news and history lists the history of the business with significant events and milestones.

Privacy policy describes the rights and limitations of use for this web-site.

Computer services describes our on-site, office and remote control computer service options.

Tips for getting help provides recommendations for getting the most out of our computer support services.

Routine maintenance describes the recommended routine computer maintenance services we provide.

Virus removal provides details on our virus removal services.

Warranty service describes all of the warranty repair and replacement services we provide.

Data recovery describes the extensive data recovery services we provide to diagnose, repair and recover IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB hard disk and flash drives.

Comprehensive Computer Repair Service lists all of the services we perform for our flat-rate office computer repair service.

Dell Computer Repair describes our laptop computer and desktop computer repair services for Dell computers.

Sony Computer Repair describes our laptop computer and desktop computer repair services for Sony computers.

Toshiba Computer Repair describes our laptop computer and desktop computer repair services for Toshiba computers.

HP/Hewlett-Packard Computer Repair describes our laptop computer and desktop computer repair services for HP/Hewlett-Packard computers.

Remote Control provides an installation link to the LogMeIn remote control software and describes our remote control computer repair, diagnostic and service capabilities.

Computer Disposal describes our computer recycling and computer disposal services for electronic waste with our recycling partner Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery.

Web Services lists the site hosting, domain name, site design and search engine optimization web services we provide.

Web Site Hosting describes our web site hosting service and capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization describes our search engine optimization services and how we edit web sites to confirm to the best practices for site design from

Web Site Design describes our site design and editing capabilities and details what we can do with WordPress.

Domain Names explains how we register and manage web site domain names.

Software lists the software programs we recommend, sell and support.

QuickBooks Support describes our full suite of installation and support services for QuickBooks and Quicken accounting software from Intuit.

Ubuntu Linux describes our installation and support services for Ubuntu Linux desktop operating system software.

Hardware provides a list of the different computer hardware items we stock and sell.

Surplus Hardware lists the overstock and surplus items we have available for pickup in our office.

New Hardware Warranty Terms describes our warranty terms and service for new components that we sell.

RAM memory We sell and service every type of RAM memory for laptops, desktops and servers.

Batteries We sell and service every type of sealed lead acid battery for UPS units.

Hard disk, SSD and USB storage We sell and service all types of IDE, SATA, SCSI, SSD and USB drives for laptops, desktops and servers.

LCD monitors We sell and service LCD monitors.

New Computer System Units We sell and service new computer system units.

New Server System Units We sell new server computer system units.

Computer Disposal We provide recycling and disposal of used and non-working computers at our office through an arrangement with Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery

Contact us provides our address, phone, fax and e-mail contact information.

Service Area lists the towns in Erie and Niagara County for which we provide on-site service.

Web-log (blog) posts provides a single page listing of every web log post in chronological order, with the most recently posted message at the top.