Computer Consulting Services

We provide a full suite of computer consulting services for a wide range of businesses.

The strength of our consulting is a result of twenty five years of experience working directly with businesses and their systems. We provide practical advice based on relevant experience, rather than recommendations based on product sales and marketing.

What sets our consulting apart from all others is our ability and willingness to perform primary source research on technology issues. Rather than issue recommendations based on the bias of a hardware manufacturer or software maker, we objectively evaluate technology and issue our own recommendations. Our evaluations include not only a recommendation, but a list of relevant limitations.  We believe using technology effectively means understanding both the capability and limitations.

Our evaluation strategy involves investigating many issues, including design, features, quality, updates, support, flexibility and reliability. Using this multi-faceted approach, we can highlight the key differences between products to help our clients make informed long term strategic decisions.

As a small business, we appreciate the value of every dollar, so we work carefully to ensure our project plans will provide the best value. Our goal is to deliver the highest value for our services on every project.

We have extensive experience and consulting knowledge for law firms and medical practices, and we have serviced more than 30 different types of businesses, including: accounting, distribution, manufacturing, collections, law practices, medical practices, veterinarians, retail, and hospitals.

    We provide the following services:
  • test and evaluate existing computers for repair or replacement.
  • provide written recommendations for hardware and software upgrades.
  • provide written maintenance service plans, useful for either self-service or a service provider.
  • evaluate installed software and provide written recommendations on new software.
  • provide backup and disaster planning.
  • provide security assessement for desktop, server, e-mail and Internet.

In addition to providing recommendations on individual projects, we can also offer a complete roadmap consulting service.  Our roadmap consulting provides a comprehensive list of known problems and prioritized recommendations for projects to move a system toward a state of improvement.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss your consulting needs or arrange a meeting.

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