2020 Event Timing

The following events requested timing by Jon Rosen Systems for their 2020 event. However, with the onset of COVID-19 restrictions on March 15, most events have been cancelled or postponed for 2020. We remain ready and available for any events that wish to hold their events in 2020 and need timing. 

  • McKeesport Criterium on Saturday May 9th; rescheduled.
  • KBMoto 12-hour race on Sunday, June 7th; rescheduled.
  • Buhl Criterium on Saturday June 13th; cancelled.
  • Brew32 road race on Sunday June 14th; cancelled.
  • KBmoto Sprint Enduro on Sunday, June 28th; cancelled.
  • Cleveland Metroparks Paddlefest on Saturday July 18th; cancelled.
  • Cleveland Metroparks cross country mountain bike race on Saturday September 12th; cancelled.
  • Wyoming Senior Games time trial and road race, August; cancelled.
  • Nevada Senior Games time trial and road race on October 3rd and 4th; cancelled.
  • Vermilion XC invitational on Sat October 3rd.
  • Curt Brown CX in Bethel Park (Pittsburgh, PA) on October 25th.


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