Experience and Accomplishments

Since the founding of the business in 1989, we have passed many milestones. When choosing a computer service firm, our firm stands out for the accumulated experience we have. The value of our experience provides our clients the benefit of fast answers to frequently seen problems, and the wisdom to solve unusual and infrequently seen problems.

From our start in 1989, we have…

  • Provided a total of over $3 million in computer services.
  • Sold over $1 million in computer hardware and software.
  • Performed over 60,000 hours of on-site computer service.
  • Generated more than 16,000 individual project invoices.
  • Serviced and repaired over 4,000 computers in our office.
  • Diagnosed and replaced over 1,000 hard disk drives.
  • Serviced computers for over 600 different businesses and 600 individuals.
  • Performed over 1,000 hours of remote control computer service.
  • Provided more than 1,000 e-mail accounts for a wide variety of businesses, including law firms and medical offices.
  • Individually assembled and sold more than 500 desktop and server computers.
  • Hosted and managed more than 50 different web sites and domain names.
  • Completed more than 3000 projects for 50 different vendors through Workmarket.com and FieldNation.com

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