Dell computer repair

We service and repair all models of Dell laptop, desktop and server computers. We diagnose and replace parts and can provide both original Dell replacement parts and compatible Dell replacement parts. We also provide upgrade parts including RAM, CPU and hard drives. Using the serial number and product number from your Dell computer, we check the warranty expiration and can directly contact Dell to arrange for warranty parts and service.

    For laptops, we can provide the following repair services:

  • diagnose and replace failed motherboard; symptoms include scrambled video or power-on failure.
  • diagnose and replace failed RAM; symptoms include Windows stop errors and blue screens.
  • diagnose and replace failing hard drive; symptoms include Windows stop errors and slow performance.
  • perform data recovery and cloning to recover all files; symptoms include boot failure and errors.
  • diagnose failed LCD backlight bulb and replace LCD panel; symptoms include dark screen with faint image.
  • diagnose failed LCD backlight inverter and replace inverter; symptoms include dark screen with faint image.
  • diagnose and replace failed power supply transformer; symptoms include power-on failure.
  • diagnose and replace broken internal motherboard power jacks; symptoms include battery charging failure and power-on failure.

Below are just some of the models that we service:

Inspiron 1000
Inspiron 1100
Inspiron 1110
Inspiron 1150
Inspiron 1050
Inspiron 1200
Inspiron 1300
Inspiron 1318
Inspiron 1320
Inspiron 1370
Inspiron 13R (N3010)
Inspiron 1410
Inspiron 1420
Inspiron 1425
Inspiron 1427
Inspiron 1440
Inspiron 1464
Inspiron 1470
Inspiron 14R (N4010)
Inspiron 1501
Inspiron 1505
Inspiron 1520
Inspiron 1521
Inspiron 1525
Inspiron 1526
Inspiron 1545
Inspiron 1546
Inspiron 1564
Inspiron 1570
Inspiron 15R (N5010)
Inspiron 1720
Inspiron 1721
Inspiron 1750
Inspiron 1764
Inspiron 17R (N7010)
Inspiron 2000
Inspiron 2100
Inspiron 2200
Inspiron 2500
Inspiron 2600
Inspiron 2650
Inspiron 3000
Inspiron 300m
Inspiron 3200
Inspiron 3500
Inspiron 3700
Inspiron 3800
Inspiron 4000 and Latitude C600
Inspiron 4100 and Latitude C610
Inspiron 4150 and Latitude C640
Inspiron 5000
Inspiron 5000e
Inspiron 500m
Inspiron 5100
Inspiron 510m
Inspiron 5150
Inspiron 5160
Inspiron 6000
Inspiron 600m and Latitude D600
Inspiron 630m
Inspiron 6400
Inspiron 640m
Inspiron 7000
Inspiron 700m
Inspiron 710m
Inspiron 7500
Inspiron 8000 and Latitude C800
Inspiron 8100 and Latitude C810
Inspiron 8200 and Latitude C840
Inspiron 8500 and Latitude D800
Inspiron 8600 and Latitude D810
Inspiron 9100
Inspiron 9200
Inspiron 9300
Inspiron 9400
Inspiron B120
Inspiron B130 and Inspiron 1300
Inspiron E1405
Inspiron E1505
Inspiron E1705
Inspiron M301Z
Inspiron M5010 (M501R)
Inspiron X200


Inspiron Mini 9 (910)
Inspiron Mini 10 (1010)
Inspiron Mini 10v (1011)
Inspiron Mini 10 (1012)
Inspiron Mini 10 (1018)
Inspiron Mini 12 (1210)


Inspiron 300
Inspiron 400
Inspiron 518
Inspiron 519
Inspiron 530
Inspiron 530s
Inspiron 531
Inspiron 531s
Inspiron 535MT
Inspiron 535ST
Inspiron 537MT
Inspiron 537ST
Inspiron 545MT
Inspiron 545ST
Inspiron 546MT
Inspiron 546ST
Inspiron 560MT
Inspiron 560ST
Inspiron 580
Inspiron 580S
Inspiron One 19/19T
INSPIRON mini duo