2021 Timing Equipment Upgrades

There were more equipment and software upgrades in 2021:

  • Impinj R700 4-port reader with higher read rates and improved sensitivity.
  • new Alien 9964 “G-tag” RFID with next generation Higgs-9 chips mounted on CR100 cards.
  • new, smaller linear antenna, optimized for use with linear tags on bikes.
  • new 32″ LCD for displaying live results with 2k (1920×1024) resolution, replacing the Viewsonic 1k.
  • second laptop and 15″ high contrast monitor dedicated to display lap count.

Over 30 updates were issued and tested during 2021, bringing CrossMgr, CrossMgrVideo and CrossMgrImpinj from 3.0.60 to 3.0.94.

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