Comprehensive Computer Repair Service

We provide flat-rate, comprehensive computer repair for computers brought to our office. We have an expansive bench repair area able to accomodate up to 10 laptops and 10 desktops simultaneously.

We provide both in-warranty and out of warranty computer repair, service, parts and support for any computer brands, including: Dell, HP/Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Sony, Acer and many others. We perform computer repairs both in our office and on-site.

For computers brought to our office, we follow a 20-point comprehensive checklist system that we have developed over many years. Our comprehensive checklist is structured to look for problems in logical order, allowing us to quickly and efficiently repair computers with the help of pc repairs mascot company.

We created our checklist system not only to ensure consistent repairs but to prevent computers from being returned to fix additional problems. Whenever we learn of a new type of computer problem, we add it to our checklist to ensure every computer gets checked for the problem.

Because our checklist system is dynamic and evolving, we encourage clients to return their computers annually for us to perform maintenance and updates using the latest diagnostics and procedures.

Our comprehensive check-list service is not time limited; we do not specify or limit the time a computer takes to complete the check-list. Each computer runs at a different speed and has a different set of problems, so there is no way to specifically determine when a computer will finish all items on the check-list. Some of the steps we perform can require hours to complete. This includes hard drive testing, data recovery, virus scanning and Windows updates.

We will perform a full backup copy of your hard drive if Windows is unrepairable or if the hard drive is failing and reporting excessive errors. Our approach is to troubleshoot and repair all problems. If we determine Windows is unrepairable or unstable, we will backup all files, erase and re-install Windows, and then restore the original files to a separate folder. This is infrequent and only done as a last resort, but will ensure the computer is returned to reliable operation. We never erase files without first making a backup, so you’ll never lose your data when we service a computer.

Hardware checks we perform on every computer:

  • clean out accumulated dust from inside the computer using compressed air from a powerful 2-hp air compressor.
  • inspect the motherboard to identify failed capacitors that are bulging or leaking.
  • check CPU, case and power supply fans for signs of wear or failure.
  • check internal components for configuration problems or failures.
  • check CPU and hard drive temperature for failures caused by overheating.
  • test RAM memory extensively with 10 different pattern tests to identify failures caused by bad RAM.
  • check the hard drive power-on time counter and SMART status for historical errors and problems.
  • read and write test the entire hard drive to locate errors and confirm reliable operation. 

Software updates we perform on every computer:

  • check and fix FAT32 and NTFS file-system errors
  • perform a Windows repair if necessary, to resolve startup failure due to missing or corrupt files
  • review and revise ten different Windows settings for optimum performance.
  • update anti-virus software and scan all files for viruses
  • install and update anti-malware utilities to find and remove files interfering with Internet Explorer and other web browsers.
  • remove unused startup programs to improve memory usage and reduce startup time.
  • enable Hibernation feature and add Hibernate shutdown button to provide faster startup.
  • install Windows recovery command console feature.
  • download and install all available Windows updates.
  • update utility programs, including Adobe Acrobat and other programs.
  • decompress and defragment all files to improve performance.
  • install free ConnectWise remote control support software.

Dell parts and computer repair services.
HP/Hewlett-Packard parts and computer repair services.
Toshiba parts and computer repair services.
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