Virus removal services

Since viral software is the most common disruptive problem a PC user faces, we provide a full suite of services and anti-virus software to help with removal. We have specialized tools to detect and remove malware, spyware, adware, viruses, trojans and fake anti-virus programs.

In addition to viruses, there are other types of software that will interfere with a computer but not get detected and removed by anti-virus software. Fake anti-virus programs will masquerade as a real anti-virus program and demand payment to remove viruses. We have a wide array of tools and procedures for identifying and removing the unauthorized programs that an individual anti-virus program will ignore or fail to remove.

We frequently diagnose and remove viruses from computers that were previously unusable, restoring them to perfect working order after removing the viruses. In the infrequent situation where a virus modifies Windows beyond repair, we can backup all files, re-install Windows and restore all of the original files to a folder on the desktop for further recovery.

Virus symptoms include: slow operation, web pages fail to display, web browser hijacked and fake threat warnings. If you have any of these problems, contact us and we will determine how we can fix them using remote control, on-site or in our office.