Domain names

We help select, register and renew domain names.

We can help you select the best domain name for your firm and then register it for only $20.00 per year.  Our hosting system supports unlimited domain names pointed (parked) to the same web site at no extra charge. Our hosting system also supports unlimited sub-domains at no extra charge. We actively manage more than 50 domain names through our master account at the registrar

We strongly recommend against registering individual domain names in your own private account. Since domain names can be registered for periods that extend past the expiration of a credit card, it is common for a domain name to fail to renew in a account due to an expired credit card. Also, domain accounts that are checked infrequently may get linked to an e-mail address that becomes obsolete, making it extremely difficult to login to the domain account or receive expiration notices. Using the same e-mail address as a domain name can also lead to a lockout problem when the name expires.

Our domain master account is actively managed and maintained weekly so these problems are avoided.

When we register a name, you own the name. The public registration information (the address returned by using WhoIs) will display your company name. We are careful to omit the fax number, and we use a special e-mail address to ensure you do not receive spam. We also register all domain names using the name Web Master to avoid telephone solicitations.

We provide both billing and auto-renewal, ensuring your domain name will not expire. To prevent unauthorized payments and transfers, the only legitimate billing information will come directly from our office; any other source should be considered a solicitation.

Domain names are not case sensitive, so and are not different and do not require separate registration. When printing your domain name, we recommend using mixed case letters to make your domain name easier to read.

If you plan on hosting with us, we encourage you to register your domain names with us too, which will simplify and speed up your setup. We maintain our own DNS servers, so if you are switching to our service please specify these name servers:


Our name servers are configured in compliance with the IETF RFC 2182 guide, which specifies that two different name servers should be assigned to geographically separate servers. Each of our name servers is assigned a separate IP address at its own data-center in a different city. This ensures that a failure at any level in either data-center will not prevent the domain name from being found on the Internet.

When selecting a domain name, we recommend registering variations using hyphens and also registering the phone number as a domain name. An example of different domain names for the same site is shown below:

For domain transfers, we require notification from the domain owner, and the account must be paid in full before transfer authorization codes are provided.