E-mail marketing

We recommend Constant Contact for e-mail marketing. Starting at $15 per month, their service can be used to distribute e-mail messages to any size group. While typical e-mail accounts have a limit of 500 e-mails per hour or day, Constant Contact places no limit on the number of e-mail messages that can be sent. Their service includes features to manage e-mail addresses and select from e-mail templates.

Constant Contact in Partnership with Jon Rosen Systems, Inc.

We provide the following services to enhance Constant Contact:

  • harvest and extract all e-mail addresses from your computer using remote control, including Outlook quick-list addresses.
  • upload e-mail addresses into Constant Contact for distribution.
  • design graphics and write text for your newsletter.
  • provide support for interpreting results and reports created with Constant Contact.

Constant Contact provides these valuable features:

  • choose from many templates for a unique and attractive design.
  • upload graphics and write text to create a custom newsletter.
  • store thousands of e-mail addresses and organize them into groups.
  • send to thousands of e-mail without disrupting your e-mail system.
  • monitor results, determining how many messages were delivered, opened or returned unread.

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