RAM memory

We sell and install RAM memory upgrades for all PC and Mac laptops, desktops and servers. We test all RAM memory using the gold standard for memory testing, Memtest diagnostics. All RAM memory that we sell includes a limited lifetime replacement warranty. We always provide the highest speed RAM that your computer will support. We are memory experts and are familiar with all types of RAM, including the most obscure types like parity/non-parity, EDO, ECC and ECC registered RAM types.

To correctly determine the amount of RAM memory needed, we recommend comparing the Windows commit charge total and commit charge peak to the physical RAM total, using the Windows task manager. This ensures that the computer has enough RAM to run all programs without resorting to slower disk swapping.

Computer RAM memory module

RAM memory module

We stock the following types of RAM memory:

  • SD-RAM desktop and laptop SO-DIMM’s, including PC-66, PC-100 and PC-133 in all sizes up to 512mb.
  • RD-RAM for desktop computers, including PC-800 and all other speeds and sizes.
  • DDR desktop and laptop SO-DIMM RAM, including PC-2100, PC-2700 and PC-3200 in all sizes up to 1gb.
  • DDR2 desktop and laptop SO-DIMM RAM, including PC-3200, PC-4200, PC-5300 and PC-6400 in all sizes.
  • DDR3 desktop and laptop SO-DIMM RAM, including PC-8500 and PC-10300 speeds in all sizes.

    We also stock obsolete RAM sizes, including 30-pin, 72-pin and 168-pin, useful for troubleshooting and recovering data from older failed computers.

    Contact us for a current price quote on any type of RAM memory.

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