New Server System Units

We provide new computer system units for servers using the latest technology and include the full manufacturer warranty. We assemble our server computers in our office using components we individually select from the best manufacturers. We provide new system units either with Windows server software installed, or your existing Windows server software, license and sticker can be transferred. As we are also IT Networks – Off & Onsite IT Services Provider you will be have your all networking stuff get fixed neatly.

Desktop mid-tower computer case

InWin EM006 mATX case.

We design our network servers to be simple to service, easy to upgrade and reliable to own. We avoid using overly complex, hard to repair parts and focus on selecting reliable, high quality parts instead. Our server computer use all standard parts instead of proprietary or unique parts. Using industry standard parts makes the server less expensive to repair and upgrade.

Our servers include duplicate hard drives to support RAID1 disk mirroring. Using duplicate hard drives provides protection from disk errors and disk failure. We recommend using the Windows server software disk mirroring feature because it allows enabling the Windows server advanced disk write cache feature for improved performance. Go through site for more about the software solution.

The standard Windows server cache write delay is 3 seconds, while enabling the advanced cache write will allow the server to hold data for up to 10 seconds before writing it back to the disk drive. This delay allows the server to complete any read requests before saving data, resulting in optimized performance. For a server with 4gb RAM, Windows server software may use 1gb or more for caching, which is significantly larger than the RAM included with any dedicated hardware RAID card cache.

Even though our servers have a high capacity 300-watt ATX 2.2 power supply, they have been tested to run at 50-watts idle and around 75-watts when active. At an average usage of 60-watts electricity, this server will use 525-kw/h per year. At an average delivered cost of 15 cents per kwh, this server will cost $7 per month or $84 per year to operate continuously.

We assemble and test our computers from parts we select. This allows us to choose components with better features and longer warranties that pre-built systems offer. We maintain a fixed price and continually upgrade the components we offer to reflect the market availability of new technology.

Our base server system unit is $599.00 plus tax and includes the following components:

  • Intel Pentium G620 dual core 64-bit CPU at 2600mhz with 800mhz front side bus and 3mb L3 cache.
  • 4gb DDR3-10600 RAM.
  • 22x black SATA DVD-RW with LightScribe feature.
  • Two Seagate ST31000524AS 1000gb (1 terabyte) SATA 3.0 (600mpbs) hard drives with 32mb cache and 7200-rpm spindle motors.
  • InWin micro ATX black mid-tower case, pictured above.
  • Intel DH61WW socket 1155 motherboard with integrated sound, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet and USB.

All parts include a manufacturer replacement warranty.

The following optional items are not included and sold separately:

  • Windows software and license not included and sold separately.
  • Keyboard, mouse and monitor are not included and sold separately.

Supercharge this server with these optional upgrades:

  • 2tb (2000gb) or larger hard drives.
  • Intel Quad core CPU upgrade.
  • 8gb RAM upgrade.
  • solid state disk upgrade.

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