Timing Services

We provide a complete suite of services necessary to deliver perfect results for any cycling event. For best results, we recommend using an on-line registration system, since results can never be better than registration.  On-line registration eliminates printing, signing and saving waivers, and allows pre-registered racers to quickly pickup their bib and chip.

Pre-race services:

  • promotional e-mail to all local racers notifying them of registration page and event details.
  • Facebook.com support for promoting the event to racers.
  • planning and consultation for registration, timing, course layout and results.

Registration services:

  • download and check registration data for correct licenses and categories prior to the event.
  • create and integrate GPX race route map and distance.
  • bib number assignment with support for re-using bib numbers in different races.
  • chip number assignment.
  • for time trials, start times are published in advance of the race start.
  • for time trials, a second laptop is available for displaying live start times with racer names.
  • promoters can provide bibs or we can provide bibs on request.
  • printed start list in alphabetical order by last name for quick bib number lookup.

Race day services:

  • delivery and setup of timing equipment, bibs and RFID ChipCards for all racers.
  • registration support on race day, including entry of race day registrants.
  • lap timing with live results uploaded to a web page.
  • LCD displays for race lap counter and live race results.

Results production and deliverables:

  • USA Cycling level “B” official and race director status with direct access to uploading results.
  • digital camera synchronized with RFID timing to provide accurate finish line photos for every finisher.
  • all finish line photos are uploaded to the Facebook page for the event.
  • high speed 32-page per minute portable laser printer for fast printed results.
  • printed results include primes and prize list.
  • separate printed podium report for an announcer.
  • post-race e-mail to participants with links to USAcycling results page, CrossMgr results page and Facebook albums with finish line photos.
  • permanent web page link for race results on either results.wnycx.com or results.crossmgr.com.


We have the following equipment on-hand and ready for every race:

  • Dell laptop with two extended run batteries and solid state storage for the highest reliability.
  • 32-ppm laser printer for smudge proof results that hold up in the rain.
  • dual monitors, with a 40″ LED LCD screen for results and 17″ screen for lap counter.
  • 4G hot-spot service for live results where Internet service is available.
  • wireless N router for local live results via Wi-Fi.
  • 50, 75 and 100-foot extension cords with power strip.
  • 1000-watt inverter and batteries for locations without utility power.
  • AR0130 low-light digital camera synchronized with RFID chip timing for color finish line photos watermarked with the clock time, race time, bib, racer name, team name and event name.
  • 500 ChipCard’s with reusable seat post straps, numbered 1-499.
  • Impinj R700 RFID reader and antennas with support for finish lines up to 50′ wide.
  • Ubiquiti Nanostation M 5ghz antennas for printing up to 1 mile away or farther.

Optional special order equipment available by request for an additional fee:

  • J-Chip active RFID timing chips with J-Chip receiver and 8-meter timing mat.
  • Race|Result Active Pro chips and receiver.
  • Pins and bibs are available upon advance request.

Remote Support Option:

If you need all of the services we provide but want to have someone local operate the laptop on race day for the event, we can provide complete support remotely. Using both phone and computer remote control, we can configure CrossMgr software on a laptop for race day, and then provide remote support for getting the races scored and uploaded to USAcycling.org or BikeReg.com after the race. This option is ideal for promoters looking to begin using CrossMgr for race results.  We can service events anywhere in the English speaking world.


Since 2012, Jonathan Rosen has provided on-site timing and results for over 200 events in NY, PA, OH, VT, CA and NV.  Remote support has also been provided for races in Guam and Australia. Events types included: cyclocross, criterium, road, time trial, mountain bike, fat tire bike and enduro.


  • $1 per racer for remotely supported events.
  • $2 to $8 for on-site timing, depending upon race type, travel distance, hotel costs, race complexity, registration complexity, manual or chip timing with ChipCard, J-Chip or Race|Result.
  • $250 per day for RFID chip timing equipment.
  • $1 per chip rental for J-chip or $4 for Race|Result.
  • USA cycling associate judge officials fee; $35 for half-day or $70 for full day events.

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