22nd anniversary

Monday, March 28th is the 22nd anniversary of the founding of the business.

Looking back, we’ve done over $3.6 million dollars in computer sales and service, servicing over 1200 businesses and individuals. We have performed 25,000 hours of on-site service and assembled and sold over 500 new computers. In our office alone, we have serviced over 2500 computers, including laptops and desktops.

When the business was first started, we pledged to only provide service, letting our customers shop for computers while we provided on-site service. During that time, we forged partnerships with many computer resellers and retailers that were unable to provide on-site service. Later on in the 1990’s, we began adding hardware and software sales to our services. Over the next fifteen years, we sold a combined $1 million in hardware and software.

In 2001, we also added web hosting and site design at the request of many clients. More recently, we began offering flat-rate computer repair in our office starting in 2006, and then added remote control services in 2007.

Some of these newer services are really just a refinement and return of services we offered in the 1980’s. Back then, we had over 100 clients using pcAnywhere on dial-up modems for remote support, and we frequently brought back business computers to our office for repair.

The remote service business ended with the introduction of Windows 95, which couldn’t be supported over a dial-up line.  The remote control service business finally returned in 2007, when free LogMeIn remote control software and widespread use of high speed Internet connections made remote control possible again. Over the next three years time, we installed LogMeIn on 1500 computers and we continue to add new LogMeIn users every day.

The off-site repair part of business really took off with the widespread adoption of home computers using Windows XP. Many of the home users came to us from the offices we serviced, and as a result we created an entire service business around the idea of providing comprehensive, flat-rate service for any computer brought to our office.

There never seems to be an end to the service and support needs of computer users, and over the coming years we look forward to continually innovating services to support our clients.

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