New technology update on LED LCD monitors

Starting March 2011 we have new desktop LED LCD monitors available for the same price as CCFL LCD monitors. LED LCD monitors are the next generation of monitor technology and should eventually replace all CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) LCD technology. LED’s and CCFL’s are used to backlight the LCD panel, providing the brightness that makes a panel visible.

We’ve already seen the difference LED LCD’s make in laptops, since the LED LCD was introduced in 2010 on most 10″ netbook laptop panels. They are visibly thinner and brighter, and since they use less power the battery on the laptop runs longer.

LED LCD’s have many advantages over CCFL LCD’s: they use half the power of CCFL LCD’s, provide much longer lifespan and are much more reliable because they eliminate the most unreliable component in a CCFL LCD, the high voltage inverter circuit.

When the backlight bulb or inverter circuit fails, a faint image is visible but the screen goes dark. Backlight inverter circuit failure is the main cause of LCD failure, so eliminating the high voltage backlight inverter circuit in an LED LCD makes the entire monitor more reliable and longer lasting. While inverter circuits can be replaced by a manufacturer under warranty, it is nearly impossible to get replacement inverter circuits after the warranty ends. Manufacturers don’t provide the inverter circuits separately, and there are just a few models that have repair parts available.

Comparing two identical size 22″ LCD monitors, a CCFL unit uses 60 watts of electricty per hour while the LED model uses 30 watts. For every 10,000 hours of power-on time (equivalent to 5 years of weekday usage) this saves $45 in electricity. Considering an office with ten LED LCD monitors, they are saving $90 per year in electricity.

Another problem with CCFL LCD’s is that as they age and fail, they can appear pink for a few minutes until they warm up. CCFL LCD’s will also get dim after a few years usage. LED’s stay consistently bright and run cool.

Visit our LCD monitor page for the latest pricing and specifications on the LED LCD monitors we have for sale.

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