Getting the most out of Dell warranty service

Dell computers are typically sold with either a 90-day or 1-year warranty, with the option to extend the warranty. However, once a computer malfunctions and requires service from Dell, the experience can be extremely time consuming and frustrating.

Before Dell will send a service technician or provide replacement parts, a service request must be established. When this request is placed over the phone, the telephone representative will begin troubleshooting the problem using a flow chart that guides them through the questions.

Some steps require running diagnostic software programs that may require up to twenty minutes to complete. Answering the questions in the troubleshooting flow chart and performing the troubleshooting steps over the phone can take up to four hours!

Even when the diagnostics are performed correctly, there are many problems that cannot be diagnosed or repaired over the phone. These are typically visual problems, including cracked and leaking motherboard capacitors, overheating due to excessive dust or seized fans, bad RAM and bad hard drives. Many viruses will also change system settings and interfere with the Internet connection, creating a false diagnosis of a bad network card.

A faster alternative to phone support is to use the Dell online chat using a second working computer. A skilled technician using the Dell chat can complete the diagnosis and arrange the replacement in as little as 20 minutes.

Once the Dell diagnosis is complete, the telephone representative will either arrange for a service technician to visit and replace the part, or they will send the replacement part out, typically using next day delivery services. When a replacement part is sent out, the failed part must be returned in 30 days or less. For Dell warranty contracts with on-site service, a representative from one of the independent national service firms will be dispatched with parts provided by Dell.

We encourage our clients with Dell computers that are in warranty and are malfunctioning to bring the computer to our office. Our technicians will diagnose and guide the Dell support representative to replacing the correct part quickly. And when a repair involves a hard drive, we can provide additional services to recover data files and backup a hard drive, restoring the data to the new hard drive.

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  1. A nice post very informative one thanks dear.. i too have Dell laptop … your article helps me increasing the warranty period….

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