Anticipating the effects of the DNSchanger virus

On Monday, July 9th the effects of the DNSchanger virus will become apparent when infected computers can no longer display web pages. The DNSchanger virus modified the DNS settings on computers, forcing them to locate alternative web sites to display advertising.

The FBI got involved in this virus, seizing the computers used to provide the fake DNS information. However, when they realized that thousands of computers were relying on the seized computers for Internet access, they decided to post warnings and give users time to find and fix the problem before disabling their Internet.

Use this link to check and test your DNS settings:

An easy fix to this problem is to run the TDSSkiller utility from Kaspersky Labs. It will perform a thorough 2-minute scan that can report and remove the DNSchanger virus.

Simply click this link or cut and paste it into your browser. Select the Run option when prompted. If you experience difficultly running this utility, or if it finds the DNSchanger virus, notify our office and we’ll assist with removal.

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