Comparing Laptop Warranty Service

We frequently get asked which laptop is the best to buy, and people are usually surprised when we say Dell is the first choice. We consider these criteria when selecting a laptop: performance, material quality, repairability and warranty. Most laptops are comparable in component quality. Laptop performance is determined by the parts selection and price, making most laptops comparable. Warranty service is the largest difference between laptop brands, with Dell providing the best warranty service.

Comparing warranty service:

Dell: The Dell warranty procedure is the very best. No proof of purchase is required and replacement parts are frequently shipped overnight and delivered the next day by 10:30am at no charge. Warranty claims can be done using the online chat in minutes.

Acer: Requires lengthy registration process and proof of purchase. Standard warranty is 6-months. Parts are only sent out if secured with a credit card. Standard service requires returning the entire laptop.

HP: Requires returning the entire laptop for repair. HP does provide detailed disassembly instructions for some models on-line, making it easier to repair their laptops.

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