Electronic Waste Recycling Results

We have been offering free electronic recycling services in co-operation with Regional Computer Recycling and Recovery, an authorized waste collection firm that collects our electronic waste material. As an authorized disposal site, we report to the New York State Department of Environment Conservation our annual collection total for all items. We’re pleased to report that we have collected almost three tons of material that was diverted from landfill and local incineration and instead sent out for recycling and re-use.

2012 totals:

630 pounds of computers.
1509 pounds of computer components.
718 pounds of small electronic equipment.
104 pounds of televisions.

Total collected: 2961 pounds.

2013 totals:

161 pounds of computers.
1099 pounds of computer peripherals.
522 pounds of small electronic equipment.
888 pounds of televisions.
Total Lbs. 2,670

We have the capability to collect far more, so we’ll continue to encourage anyone to bring in their computers and televisions for recycling.

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