2018 Event Timing

The following events were timed in 2018 by Jonathan M. Rosen.  Follow the links to see the results produced using CrossMgr software for these events. In addition to these events, remote support for timing races with CrossMgr was provided for events in Guam and Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Cleveland Metroparks 3rd annual fat tire bike festival at the Bedford Reservation in Ohio on February 10th.

Mission Crit V in San Francisco, CA on April 21st. 

Buhl Park criterium on June 9th

Buhl Park criterium on June 10th

Cleveland Metroparks Whiskey Island Paddlefest on July 21st. 

NEOcycle Edgewater cyclocross races on September 8th.

Muddy Buffalo trail run at Three Valley Campground on September 30th.

Park School Warm up to Winter 3k cross country race on October 13th.

Raccoon Park CX in Aliquippa, PA on November 4th.

Franklin Park CX in Washington, PA on November 10th.

JMAC Cycling Double CX in Butler, PA on December 1st. 

JMAC Cycling Double CX in Butler, PA on December 2nd. 

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