Sports Timing F.A.Q.

How do the blue J-Chip timing chips work?

The blue J-Chip’s have a small lithium coin cell inside. Lithium coin batteries can last up to 10 years and will provide a steady voltage until they are depleted. The chip wakes-up when it receives a trigger signal sent by the J-Chip receiver. It then responds with a very high frequency (350mhz) response signal that includes the 6-digit hexadecimal number printed on the case.

When CrossMgr shows animation, how does it know where the bike is on the course?

The course animation displayed by CrossMgr is calculated using the prior lap speed of the rider during the race, and the current lap speed when the race is over. The position on the course is an estimation, but its often surprisingly precise. When racers speed up more than expected, the animation will jump after they pass the start/finish line.

If I have a blue J-Chip on my bike and I’m not racing, can I go over the finish line?

Yes. Even though the chip receiver will beep to confirm that the chip has been read, the CrossMgr software only produces race results for racers that have bibs in the current race.

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