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ChipCard printed with the racer name and USA cycling license/account number.

Since 2012, we have been providing on-site sports timing for cycling events in New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania using RFID “chip timing” hardware and CrossMgr software. RFID  technology provides high precision and reliability under the widest range of weather, speed and daylight/evening conditions.

Combining RFID chip timing hardware with CrossMgr software provides the ultimate timing system for any bike race.

In addition to providing integration with RFID timing hardware for  1/100 second precision, CrossMgr software also provides integrated support for digital time-stamped photography.

We have successfully used RFID technology for high speed (40 mph) sprint events and very high density finishes. CrossMgr software provides a wealth of cycling specific features, with complete support for every type of cycling event, including: road, criterium, mountain, enduro, time trial and cyclocross.

For low speed or low density events including cyclocross and mountain bike, CrossMgr can be used manually without RFID chips by simply entering bib numbers as they finish.

Beyond bicycle racing, CrossMgr can be used for other types of lap events, including XC running, 5k, obstacle racing and ski lap events. We also provide the web site hosting and results pages for and

We have been the exclusive timing service provider for the Buffalo Bicycling Club, providing on-site timing service for all championship series club road races and Larkin criterium races from 2012 to 2015.

J-Chip 8-channel receiver and 8-meter mat with embedded antennas and trigger wire. Equipment courtesy of the Buffalo Bicycling Club.

J-Chip 8-channel receiver and 8-meter mat with embedded antennas and trigger wire. Equipment courtesy of the Buffalo Bicycling Club.

Since 2014, we have partnered closely with J-Chip USA East to provide on-site timing services and support for other timers using J-Chip RFID technology with CrossMgr software outside of Western New York.  Through our association with J-Chip USA, we have access to additional J-Chip equipment and timing staff with up to 7,000 RFID chips for larger events.

Starting in 2016, we developed our own ChipCard RFID timing equipment with 400 chip cards on-hand, with the capability of adding unlimited ChipCards upon request.

For more information on our timing services, please contact us with your event details and we’ll be pleased to show you how your next event can be improved with CrossMgr and RFID chip timing technology.

5 Responses to Sports Timing

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  2. Angie Wonsettler-Ridgel, PhD says:

    Your timing system is the coolest thing I have ever seen!

  3. Andy Frank says:

    Thank you for your help on the Sweden Fat Tire Bike race. I could not have been more pleased with your services. I would not hesitate to hire you again for my next cycling race. I also appreciate your advice on making the event run better the next time. Your experience with racing will be a huge help next year. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

  4. Matthew Hochstetler says:

    I wanted to thank you for the awesome series this year. RATL (Races at the Lake in Munroe Falls, Ohio) is always one of the best-run races, but you really raised the bar with the new timing system. Well done!

  5. Christine Schryver says:

    I really like the removable straps you provide for the blue J-Chips! Other timing companies use zip-ties and I worry about my frame being scratched when they cut the zip tie.

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