FAQ: Avoiding Web Browser Problems

Most new viruses and spyware target flaws in Microsoft Internet Explorer; here’s what you can do to avoid them:

Microsoft regularly issues free fixes and updates for their software. Take advantage of this by using the Windows Update feature built into every version of Windows. You will need a high speed Internet connection to download the updates, since they can be very large. We always install all available Windows and Internet Explorer updates when we service a computer.

Surf carefully and avoid advertisements while browsing the web that warn your computer is infected. These are commonly fake messages meant to trick you into installing fake software.

There are other Internet browsers that can be installed in Windows. FireFox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and other browsers can be used to display web pages on the Internet.

Since most viruses and other malware target security problems that have been discovered in software, the best defense is to promptly install software updates, since these free software updates are created to repair and resolve security problems.

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