How Often Should a Web Site be Replaced?

Once a web-site is established, how often should it be updated or replaced?

With respect to searches, there are at least two known criteria for web-site age that are related to search ranking and updates. Google will rank older web-sites ahead of newer web-sites to reflect an established site. However, it will rank sites with recently revised or added content above sites with unchanged content, since recent changes are more likely to reflect new and current information.

Since most sites include many static, unchanging pages, its important to include blog posting/news pages on a web-site to add fresh content. We recommend posting at least one news article per month, with one per week as an ideal target. This will ensure that your site is consistently ranked higher based on having new content. You can check here how your website design should be for better ranking.

Another aspect of web-site design is to determine when a site should be revised or replaced. Many people avoid changing a successful web-site out of fear of losing their Google search rank. Since Google uses a content based system for ranking sites, the rank of a site will only change when the content is less relevant. Changing the design and pages of a site will not affect the ranking, as long as the original content is maintained.

An easy method for evaluating a web-site for replacement involves using to check a web-site.  Any site that ranks below 50 should be evaluated for replacement and may require additional content and blog/news pages to score above 50.

We have checked many plain HTML sites that rank below 20 and improved their ranking above 50 by rebuilding them with WordPress content management software.


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