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The Smartest Spam Blocker

The number one complaint from e-mail users is spam. While most e-mail services include spam detection and blocking, they often rely on testing messages with rules to detect spam. While this approach removes some spam, the constant innovation of spam … Continue reading

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Afraid to change web pages?

The most common worry we hear from web-site owners is that they are afraid to change their web pages. Probing this fear further, we consistently hear that people are afraid of losing their search ranking status as a result of … Continue reading

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How Often Should a Web Site be Replaced?

Once a web-site is established, how often should it be updated or replaced? With respect to searches, there are at least two known criteria for web-site age that are related to search ranking and updates. Google will rank older … Continue reading

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Improving Google search results through WordPress

Since we began offering web-sites using WordPress open source content management software, we have seen exceptional gains in Google search results. Using the free on-line evaluation tool at to compare results, we have seen significant improvements for sites that … Continue reading

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