The Smartest Spam Blocker

The number one complaint from e-mail users is spam. While most e-mail services include spam detection and blocking, they often rely on testing messages with rules to detect spam. While this approach removes some spam, the constant innovation of spam senders results in new spam messages evading the spam detection.

Fortunately, a smarter approach to eliminating spam is available from Cloudmark software. Cloudmark DesktopOne is a free add-in software program for Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird. The free version will scan new messages for spam and relocate them into a spam folder. The paid version adds features to scan existing folders for spam.

Cloudmark’s approach to spam blocking is entirely different than a simple rule based approach. With their system, any spam you select for blocking results in a vote against that e-mail message. These votes are summarized, so that as e-mail users notice spam, other users benefit from their early detection.

We recommend installing Cloudmark DesktopOne software on all e-mail accounts using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird.

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