Removing fake System Protection software

If your computer has been take over with the fake System Protection software, there is a simple process for removing this program.

1. Shutdown and restart the computer
2. Press F8 repeatedly before Windows starts loading; choose Safe mode for startup.
3. In safe mode, right-click on the System Protection desktop icon and choose the “find target” selection.
4. The “find target” selection will open a file manager window listing the numbered folder with the numbered System Protection program files.
5. Delete all three files in the folder and use the “up folder” icon to go up a level and remove the numbered folder created by the System Protection software.
6. Delete any remaining icons for System Protection from the desktop and start menu.

The System Protection software is a fake repair utility that will display spurious warnings and fake scans. Do not accept any of the reports this software produces. The software is installed as a result of clicking on links inside a fake e-mail message. To avoid receiving fake e-mail messages, we recommend using Cloudmark Desktop anti-spam software for protection.

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