Sports Timing Service

In addition to computer sales and service, we’ve added an entirely new service: sports timing. Our sports timing service grew out of an opportunity to solve a computer problem for the Buffalo Bicycling club, a local bicycle racing club. They purchased a computer controlled RFID timing system from J-Chip USA for bike races, but needed help with both operating the system and configuring the software.

We got involved with race timing in the spring of 2012, successfully scoring races with the new system throughout the summer of 2012 for the Buffalo Bicycling Club. Our timing services expanded in 2013, adding new events as other promoters became aware of the outstanding features of the J-Chip RFID timing system and CrossMgr software.

You’ll still find us open weekdays at our office on 1325 Millersport Hwy., where we are performing computer repair service, but on weeknights or weekend mornings, we’ll be outside with the RFID timing equipment and a laptop, ready to time the next racer. For more information about the origins of our involvement in Sports Timing, read about The J-Chip Project here.


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